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Ten St. Francis class of 2011 alumni who are attending Mater Dei High School made the first semester honor roll. Congratulations to:

Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0+)

Emily Brunette

Lexi Fort

Madeline Hertel

Nicole Katzaroff

Alexander Mendez

Trevor Tougas

First Honors (3.5-3.99)

Christina Brost

Katherine McKay

Alexander Mora

Second Honors (3.0-3.49)

Emily Cruz


Ten St. Francis class of 2011 alumni who are attending Cornelia Connelly High School made the first semester honor roll.  Congratulations to:


Rebecca Shea – Honors with Distinction


Erynn Clark – Honors with Distinction

Angelica Sunga – Honors with Distinction


Hailey Sledge – Honors with Distinction

Rebecca Michael – First Honors


An additional congratulations goes to the following St. Francis Alumni attending Santa Margarita Catholic High School for their academic achievements:

First Honors (4.0+)

Kevin Kiely

Megan Kiely

Margaret Morris

California Scholarship Federation Members

Kevin Kiely

Margaret Morris

National Honors Society Inductee

Megan Kiely


We wish these students and all our alumni continued success during their high school experience.

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Congratulations to the following students in grades six through eight for their hard work and academic achievement.

Academic Excellence

Caroline O. 6A
Mikayla C. 6A
Morgan E. 6A
Vanessa O. 6A
Eamon M. 6B
Hayley A. 6B
Jasmine M. 6B
Lauren C. 6B
Cassidy S. 7A
Joseph T. 7A
Michael V. 7A
Miranda A. 7A
Ryan J. 7B
Alexander H. 8A
Andrew N. 8A
Kathryn M. 8A
Kimberly L. 8A
Gia R. 8B
Lauren G. 8B
Sara W. 8B

Academic Achievement

Alyssa J. 6A
Anneliese K. 6A
Avery H. 6A
Haley S. 6A
Hanna C. 6A
Jakob D. 6A
Nicholas R. 6A
Ryan K. 6A
Sean E. 6A
Alexandra I. 6B
Andre R. 6B
Anna S. 6B
Caroline W. 6B
Cristin C. 6B
Erica P. 6B
Lucas A. 6B
Nathan K. 6B
Sydney L. 6B
Victoria G. 6B
Angelique S. 7A
Annie F. 7A
Emilia G. 7A
Jennifer L. 7A
Matthew H. 7A
Melanie A. 7A
Sarah M. 7A
Chandler R. 7B
Gene F. 7B
Isabella J. 7B
Isabelle F. 7B
Kendyll T. 7B
Marcel Joy M. 7B
Michael H. 7B
Alexandra G. 8A
Amanda O. 8A
Brandon J. 8A
Courtney C. 8A
Emma O. 8A
Kayla B. 8A
Marisa W. 8A
Melody V. 8A
Alexander M. 8B
Ashley S. 8B
Bridgette Z. 8B
Erin S. 8B
Haley G. 8B
Kiana B. 8B
Martin M. 8B
Mason S. 8B
Morgan M. 8B
Nathan H. 8B
Savannah D. 8B

Academic Merit

Elizabeth J. 6A
Jonathan L. 6A
Joseph V. 6A
Rick Y. 6A
Matthew M. 6B
Reilly C. 6B
Tatianna M. 6B
Emily G. 7A
Mary B. 7A
Megan M. 7A
William K. 7A
Brooke A. 7B
Emma B. 7B
Michael B. 7B
Adriannah A. 8A
Corey K. 8A
Katherine C. 8A
Emmerson H. 8B
Kelly F. 8B
Megan P. 8B
Sophia L. 8B

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St. Francis of Assisi School held their annual Winter Sports Awards Night, where athletes in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were each recognized for their contributions to an outstanding basketball season.  Four teams participated, including Girls Varsity Basketball, Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls B Basketball, and Boys B Basketball.  The Girls A Basketball Team came in third place in Orange County for the Parochial Athletic League’s Large School Division, and the Boys B Basketball Team went undefeated.

In addition to each player being awarded a certificate, several players were acknowledged as Most Outstanding Offensive Player, Most Outstanding Defensive Player, Most Improved Player, and others received the Coach’s Award.

For Girls A Basketball, with Coach Pete Toomey, special recognition went to:

Katie M for Most Improved Player; Andrea H for Most Outstanding Defensive Award; Morgan M for Most Outstanding Offensive Player; and Katie C for Coach’s Award.

For Boys A Basketball, with Coach Don Hester, special recognition went to:

Connor M for Most Improved Player; Corey K for Most Outstanding Defensive Player; Will H for Most Outstanding Offensive Player, and Nathan H for Coach’s Award.

For Girls B Basketball, with Coaches Jeff Christiansen and Doug Goodkind, special recognition went to:

Caroline W for Most Improved Player; Erica P for Most Outstanding Offensive Player; Ashlynn W for Most Outstanding Defensive Player;  and Sydney L for Coach’s Award.

For Boys B Basketball, with Coaches Joe Mauthe and Brett Caya, special recognition went to:

Brandon L for Most Improved Player; TJ M and Nick M for Most Outstanding Defensive Players; Reilly C for Most Outstanding Offensive Player, and Lucas A for Coach’s Award.

Principal Tom Waszak and  Athletic Director Debbie Handy praised the students for their great effort, balancing schoolwork and team responsibilities, with a great attitude. They also acknowledged the important role of coaches and parents to provide students with an outstanding athletic experience.

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