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St. Francis students provided lots of WOW leading up to the Christmas break. As a result, I received a wonderful gift this week; the opportunity to watch our students display their vast array of creative talents – the beautifully acted Christmas plays presented by students in preschool through 6th grade, the celebration of Christmas in Spanish sung by the students in the 7th, 8th and after school Spanish program, the musicianship displayed by the beginning and advanced bands, and the voices of our 2nd grade students singing and reading at the school mass celebrating the feast of the Immaculate Conception. All of these activities capture the spirit of Christmas and remind us of our many blessings.  To know the Lord’s blessing one need only experience our beautiful and talented children.  What a great gift to receive during the season of our Lord’s birth and throughout the year.

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Trimester One Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following students in grades six through eight for their hard work and academic achievement.

Academic Excellence

Hayley Ampudia
Miranda Arendt
Mikayla Carrillo
Lauren Conser
Jakob Decano
Morgan Egus
Annie Flati
Kelly Fogarty
Haley Goggins
Lauren Gomez
Emilia Grisotti
Ryan Jarvis
Isabella Jeturian
Kimberly Lewis
Jennifer Lutfi
Kathryn MacPherson
Jasmine Moallem
Eamon Morris
Caroline Ong
Cassidy Sledge
Mason Sledge
Erin Smith
Joseph Toubbeh
Melody Vallejos
Michael Vasquez
Sarah Washington
Caroline Weller
Bridgette Zoll

Academic Achievement

Lucas Alberty
Adriannah Arriola
Brooke Asciak
Michael Brown
Kiana Butler
Hanna Cleek
Cristin Coombs
Courtney Coombs
Savannah David
Isabelle Fabrizio
Gene Flores
Emily Gibson
Victoria Goodkind
Alexandra Goodkind
Emmerson Harestad
Nathan Hester
Matthew Holbrook
Michael Holbrook
Alexander Holbrook
Breanna Holman
Alexandra Ivy
Brandon Jones
Nathan Katzaroff
William Kneifl
Anneliese Kridle
Sydney Lacy
Martin Mamangun
Marcel Joy Manalo
Morgan Mendez
Sarah Michael
Andrew Nguyen
Amanda Oldham
Vanessa Orrin
Emma Orrin
Megan Parks
Erica Purpura
Andre Reyes
Gia Reyes
Chandler Rhoades
Angelique Samawi
Ashley Spellman
Kendyll Toomey
Joseph Vallejos
Marisa Welch

Academic Merit

Melanie Angcaco
Mary Blake
Kayla Butler
Gregory Carlos
Katherine Caya
Justin Clark
McKenna Dice
George Drosihn
Sean Edwards
Avery Harestad
William Hertel
Erica Hodges
Alyssa Jones
Elizabeth Jouvenat
Corey Kadlec
John Kennedy
Ryan Kiely
Ethan Liega
Jonathan Logrippo
Matthew Masamori
Nicolas Mauthe
Tyler McMahon
Alexander Murrietta
Megan Musquiz
Sydney Nguyen
Nicholas Rodriguez
Kaitlyn Searle
Anna Shyne
Andrew Shyne
Haley Spellman
Bryce Wayre
Alexis Wayre
Rick Yun


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The end of Advent is coming and our Christmas season and holiday break is on its way. Now is the perfect time to purchase new uniforms and to mend or lengthen those skirts, shorts, skorts and pants that have become too short. Many of our students have grown taller and many of our junior high young ladies find their skirts and skorts are now too short. Remember skirts are to be no shorter than the top of the knee. It is also a great time to get a haircut and make sure our shoes and belts are appropriate and in good repair. Uniforms may be missing buttons etc. and now is a good time to catch up on mending.

Please review the uniform rules. Please pay particular attention to the shoe and sock sections.

Now that the cold weather is here, students are adding inappropriate accessories to the uniform. Only white cotton long sleeve turtlenecks may be worn under the uniform shirt during cold weather. Only white is appropriate, no other colors are allowed.  Long underwear is not appropriate, but navy blue or white tights may be worn under uniform jumpers and skirts.  No black leggings are allowed.

Thank you in advance for your support and setting your student up for success in the new year.  Although teachers consistently remind students about proper uniform attire, a formal uniform check will be conducted the first week back in January. Grade level appropriate consequences will be given for those students not in appropriate uniform.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces in 2012 proudly wearing our complete Saint Francis of Assisi uniform.

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During this season of thanksgiving we take time with our families to give thanks for our many blessings.  At school I do the same – I think about all those in our community who give generously and sincerely to make our “village” a safe, nurturing, and positive place for our students to grow and develop their God given talents.  Just last week, in addition to all the “normal” duties of parenting and teaching, we had over 50 parent volunteers on campus supporting numerous projects and activities, including;

–          Mr. Rodriguez oversaw the work to expand the sidewalk adjacent to the driveway.

–          Mrs. Leo and Mrs. Van Driesen organized parent volunteers to prepare cookie dough deliveries to our families.

–          Faith Formation Ministry presented Christmas Around the World for St. Francis families.

–          The School Advisory Board met with standing committee chairs to assess progress on over 20 initiatives.

–          Our Music Director, Eloise De Santos, worked with students to prepare for the student Christmas programs.

–          Eighth grade parents decorated the St. Clare Center and provided refreshments at the junior high dance hosted by St. Francis.

–          Faculty and staff from St. Francis, St. Norbert, and Holy Family chaperoned the junior high Christmas dance.

–          Our parish priests helped our students prepare for Advent by providing the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

–          Winter sport coaches practiced their teams to prepare for the upcoming basketball season.

–          Parent volunteers continue to provide supervision support at drop-off, break, and lunch.

St. Francis is truly a blessed community.  Thank you for your generous support.

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Congratulations to Alexis L for wining M.V.P. in the Thanksgiving weekend turkey softball tournament for 8u league for Placentia/Linda girls softball. She pitched great and had a great season with her team Dynamite. They made it to the championship game but lost 5-4.  Well done Alexis.


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