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Dear parents,

As I watch the kindergarten students enter school in the morning I can see their self-confidence growing daily.  Knowledge, experience and feedback are building blocks for confidence. The more time I spend at St. Francis the more confident I am in our ability to build on the many positives and successfully address the issues confronting our school. With a change in school leadership we have an opportunity to take a serious look at the issues that I presented at the September parent meeting: enrollment, finances, profile at the tri-parishes, school board, parent involvement and communications. The time to take action is now.  Along with the many wonderful things happening in and out of the classroom, there are areas which require immediate attention. This brings me to the reason why I am contacting you.  I need your help to address key issues. I am writing to inform you about two meetings that I hope you will make every effort to attend.

The first meeting is on Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00 pm in the St. Clare Center. At this meeting I will lay out plans for the 2011/2012 School Board. In particular, I will explain the structure and function of the board and how parents can get involved by volunteering to serve on one of the seven standing committees: Finance, Development, Marketing, Recruitment, Mission Effectiveness, Catholic Identity, and Technology.

The second meeting is on Thursday, November 17 at 7:00 pm in the St. Clare Center. The focus will be on school finances. At this meeting the Finance Committee Chair and I will provide a detailed description of the school’s financial status and discuss plans to address budget challenges.

Thank you for your strong show of support at the September parent meeting. I suspect that attendance at September’s meeting was driven in part by curiosity, parents wanted to find out more about me. I hope that parents will be motivated to attend the upcoming meetings to become informed and to get involved.  We need to work together to make the school more effective. Based on my experience at successful Catholic schools, the bedrock of a strong Catholic school community is parent involvement. Involvement comes in many forms. You can join, help, lead, sponsor, support, participate, supervise and act as an ambassador. In whatever way you are able to contribute, your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have witnessed many examples of positive parent involvement at St. Francis so I know there is a strong base of support among our parents.

I hope you are able to attend these meetings so that we can focus on solutions for future growth. Together we can build on the outstanding base created over the last 13 years and propel the school on a path of continued success.

Tom Waszak

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