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*Contributed by Francine Hodges

Wednesday, October 5, the Lady Wolves battled and beat St. Norberts with an amazing amount of enthusiasm.  The entire team was cheering on the bench and with the incredible skills of Lauren G and Annie F the girls beat St. Norberts.

On Monday the Girls A Volleyball team battled it out with La Purisima on their courts and were again victorious.  In the third game Erica H and Alexis W did a terrific job against the other team.  Brooke A also helped out with aterrific serving streak.  Keep up the good work.

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*Contributed by Patty Weller

Snatched from the jaws of victory. That’s the best way to describe the Girls B Volleyball game against Holy Family on Wednesday. Down by four players and dealing with a toasty climate, the girls did a spectacular job of weathering the elements and pulling off a win in the second game after a heart-wrenching loss of the first game. Hanna C and Anna S demonstrated some very strong offensive serving strategy, nailing several serves in a row. Defensively, Alyssa J and Morgan E demonstrated some strong Wolfie energy by keeping some balls in play to secure the win. Many balls were passed and hit by two players before being passed back over to Holy Family, a clear sign of the strength and progress of the St. Francis team. The third game was played hard and the lead rotated back and forth between Holy Family and St. Francis. It was a nail-biter and all the parents were glued to the edge of their seats but ultimately, the Wolves suffered the loss.  The match went to Holy Family. While disappointing, the Holy Family coach summed it up best when she said what a great team we have here at St. Francis, and how very nice and spirited our girls are on our B team. Today, everybody was a winner.

The Wolves B Volleyball Team played a tough game at La Purisima on Monday. With the sun directly in their eyes for the first game, the Wolves were having a hard time and a tough start to the game.  Of course the Wolves would have none of it. Sunglasses were pulled out and put on by the girls, they rediscovered their energy, and regained the lead, winning both games. The match went to St. Francis. Morgan E’s defensive plays helped turn the first game around, and Hayley A’s save of what would have been a lost ball, won us the final point of the first game.  Amazing serving by Avery H secured the second game.  What a great show of perseverance by the Wolves. Madison B did a great job in the third game, demonstrating great defensive strategy on the court.

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