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*Contributed by Don Hester and Jim McMahon

The boys A flag football team hosted Holy Family on September 26 and came away with a hard fought 16-12 victory.  The Wolf defense made a big play early when Patrick D got credit for a safety and earning the game’s first two points. As the end of the first quarter approached, Alex M ran the ball in from the five yard line. After a successful two point conversion thrown by quarterback Andrew “Big Rig” B, the Wolf Pack had a 10-0 lead.  Holy Family quickly responded with a touchdown of their own, and with the point after being stopped by an aggressive defense, the score stood at 10-6.  There was time for one last drive by the Wolves’ offense.  After being stopped by some very good plays on the part of Holy Family, the offense turn to a trick play.  With 20 seconds on the clock, Nathan H threw a pass to Mason S who sprinted down the sideline for a touchdown, ending the half at 16-6.

The second half was again very defensive.  Holy Family scored a touchdown on a broken play early in the third quarter for the games only other score.  There were several great defensive plays by both teams that highlighted the action.  The biggest was an interception by 7th grade’s Will K that sealed the victory for the 2-0 Wolf Pack.

The B-boys had another very good game and were victorious against Holy Family 32-12.  We had several players make key contributions in our win.  Nick M led the team in rushing with several very nice runs, two of which were for touchdowns.  Our defense continues to shine and was led by Nick R who had a key interception for a touchdown.  Cameron S came up with a big play on defense as did George D, Keagan H and Jacod DJoey V did a nice job at quarterback in the second half.

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*Contributed by Grade 8A

On Friday, September 9, 2011, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classes visited the Nixon Library for a tribute to 9/11.  Listed below are excerpts from reflection essays written by students from Mrs. Painter’s class 8A:

“It was very sad for me to hear about this and later see it on video, but it was also inspiring because of the message of hope the speaker gave to us.” – Ryan C

“The terrorists wanted us to have fear after the attacks, but we didn’t.  We were stronger.” – Lauren W

“After I viewed the fire engine and piece of steel from 9/11 I was in shock and disbelief.  When I saw that piece of steel with all of the notes written on it I felt sorry for the people who died and their families, but at the same time, I felt hope; like we were one family, one nation.” – Taylor A

“The speaker taught me that you should always put others first instead of yourself.  He also taught me to appreciate my friends and my family because they won’t always be with me.” – Andrew B

“There were many heroes who helped to save these peoples’ lives and their courage was inspirational.” – Katie F

“After touching the beat-up fire truck and staring at the 16 tons of burned steel that was blown off the world Trade Center, I could imagine myself there at the sit of the disaster.” – Connor M

“Staring at the sixteen ton mass of steel in front of me, it seemed to resemble the lifelessness of those who died beneath it.” – Alex H

“I feel it is important to have these touchstones to remember how great and powerful our country can be even in the darkest of times.” – Haley F

“To see those remains really made me think of all the people who had lost their lives that day.”- Garrett N

“I never really appreciated how truly brave our firefighters and police officers were during that tragedy…I learned that race, religion, wealth, none of that mattered in the weeks and months after 9/11.  We were all American, we were all affected, and that’s all we cared about…Things like that definitely make me proud to be an American.” – Melody V

“It’s a good thing for people to see this; it keeps the memory of those who lost their lives alive.” – Adriannah A

“The first emotion I felt was depression because I realized how many innocent lives were lost.  The second emotion I felt was anger because our country suffered so greatly.  The third emotion I felt was hope.  This is what kept our country together.” – Katie C

“After seeing the fire truck and the twisted metal, I felt a sense of reverence.” – Alyssa R

“The speaker helped me learn that people were jumping out of the buildings didn’t have much choice and that God welcomed them in to the Kingdom of Heaven.”- Kayla B

“The piece of metal we saw reminded me of how strong our nation is and how we all support each other.” – Brandon B

“I learned how gracious and patriotic other citizens throughout the United States were on 9/11 and the days after.  Firefighters from dozens of other states responded quickly and efficiently to provide aid and support to a city that had lost so much in so little time.” – Andrew N

“I’m not normally an emotional person, but when I saw those written notes on the building remains from family members to loved ones they lost in the terrorist attack on 9/11, I couldn’t help but to tear up.” – Ally G

“While these were horrible, awful attacks, some good did come out if it.  Our country grew stronger and more united.  The sense of patriotism grew like never before.  Everyone became compassionate, and we-as as country-because truly united.”  – Katie M

“There was no way we could have prevented these surprise attacks on 9/11, but we can now prevent tragedies to come, and, most importantly, we must learn to forgive.” – Corey K

“When I saw the fire engine it brought sadness to me because it reminded me of all the people that died and the horror they must have been feeling.” Courtney C

“The whole point of the speech by Christopher Kawai was to follow your passion.  When his crew got to the scene of the Twin Towers he wondered why his fellow firefighters did not just give up.  There were fifteen stories of debris.  Then he realized why they didn’t.  They wanted to help everyone they could.  They wanted to be part of America.  This is what they loved to do.” – Emma O

“9/11 was a very desperate time but it brought our country together.  Everyone turned into an image of Christ by helping each other out.” – Amanda O

“We will not forget”, “Let’s roll!”  These words have such impact on America.  They are the words of our heroes.” – Kimberly L

“Christopher Kawai was a firefighter who told us encouraging messages that inspired me to do good for my community and to follow my dreams.” – Marisa W

“Going to the Nixon Library and hearing a primary source that experienced the aftermath of 9/11 taught me something very important.  I learned how truly noble the average American can be.  In these last ten years, we have heard many stories of people risking and sometimes losing their lives in order to save others.  In gong to the Nixon Library I have been reminded of the good and the bad of 9/11 and of how American united in order to rebuild.” – Brandon J

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*Contributed by Andrew Nguyen

On Friday, September 9, 2011, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes visited the Richard Nixon Library to hear a first-hand account from first-responder Chris Kawai of the Los Angeles Fire Department and his message of hope in a post-9/11 society.  Mr. Kawai, a man that served in the California Search and Rescue Team during 9/11, talked of how he searched through the rubble that once was a majestic near-one hundred story building.  To see the broken structures, the ashes, and the strewn aircraft parts that caused so much misery and destruction was heart-wrenching.  He recounted through photos how the first aircraft barreled through the first Tower and how a mere sixteen minutes later, the second aircraft struck. “Had the workers inside been simply vaporized? The unimaginable had happened,” were the thoughts in his mind.

Steel beams come into sight just as you walk past the regal building that is the Richard Nixon Library. The metal is charred, rusted, bent, and damaged into oblivion. In between the pillars had once existed many tall, formidable windows. Had these shattered from the impact of the airliner, or broken from the heat of the inferno, or decimated when the World Trade Center collapsed? One the far right, a fire engine sits. It was one of the first responders on scene, and one of the last to leave it. It bears a hundred foot long ladder, used extensively to douse the flames that charred Ground Zero. The bodywork is ridden with dust, its plates warped from the heat, and the chassis sagging. After its valiant services at Ground Zero, it would never serve again.

Nine Eleven. These are words that represent so many things to American life and history. It is a number in time of emergencies, and it was a time of emergency. When the four commercial airliners, hijacked by terrorists were sent to destroy the heart of our economy, military, and government, these villainous men hoped to strike fear and panic in our country.  However, this tragedy that took the lives of almost three thousand people did the exact opposite. We, as citizens of the United States, rose against this and banned together as the strong nation we are.  The United States of America did not cower.

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*Contributed by Jim McMahon

The B-boys had our first game of the season on September 21 against La Purisima.  The boys played well and we came out ahead on the scoreboard with a final score of 22-6.  Our defense shined all day and did not allow a single La Purisima touchdown.  We had key defensive plays by Ryan K who had a sack for a 2-point safety, Nick R who had a big interception to thwart a second half La Purisima drive and Reilly C who came up with a big sack late in the game.

Our offense also played well led by TJ M who threw two touchdown passes and ran for one himself.  One touchdown pass went to Reilly C who made a beautiful catch across the middle for a 40-yard touchdown.  The second touchdown went to Ryan K and covered at least 50-yards.

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*Contributed by Francine Hodges & Patty Weller

The girls’ varsity volleyball team played their first game of the season against St. Norbert on Monday.  We started off strong taking the lead due to great serving by Annie F and Lauren G.  Kendyll T did a terrific job as setter even though she is new to volleyball at St. Francis.

There was also some consistent passing done by Amanda O.  In the final game, Breanna H and Andrea H had some very impressive serves.  Although the effort was tremendous by St. Francis, we could not hold on to our lead and St. Norbert won all the matches.

The Wolves “B” volleyball team is off to a great start, defeating St. Norbert’s in their first game last Monday.  First-game jitters and anxiety didn’t stop our B team, only fueled them to victory against St. Norbert’s in their first gym game for the season.  Leading the team in serving was Mikayla C, while Caroline W and Anna S provided some spectacular defensive plays, making it hard for St. Norbert’s to score against our Wolves.  Parent attendance was great and the team’s Christian spirit and energy, fueled by Avery H, was felt by all.

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St. Francis’ technology teacher, Miss Jackie Gillespie, attended training from Beyond Technology Education (BTE) in Temecula on Friday, September 2nd.  The BTE curriculum, used by St. Francis, brings not only a standard of curriculum in line with California State and National Standards, but also incorporates a moral component to each lesson.

Students are exposed to four of the Microsoft Office programs throughout the year using in depth lessons and projects to incorporate class content with technology standards.  The lessons grow progressively more advanced to give students full proficiency by graduation.  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher are taught to all grades K-8, though BTE offers unique curriculum for the junior high.

Seventh graders are given the opportunity to become the CEO of their own company, creating a business model, researching competitors, learning about the stock market and investments, as well as setting a budget.  The eighth grade builds upon this with a new marketing curriculum this year.  Students will learn how to create and execute a marketing campaign for the company that they create.

The training was run by the writers of the BTE curriculum, Veronica Holbrook and Maureen Harrell (pictured).  During the course of the day Miss Gillespie worked through the curriculum and was able to gain insight to best practices and potential opportunities for our students.

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At last week’s mass, the Student Council Officers and Representatives for the 2011-2012 school year were officially installed into office.  The ceremony, a tradition from the early years at St. Francis, was held just after the close of mass on the altar of Santa Clara de Asis Church.  Sixteen St. Francis students from grades five through eight received special pins from Mr. Waszak.  These pins designate them as our council members for 2011-2012.  The ceremony highlights significant roles and duties that the students will take part in throughout the year.  Look to see the faces of Student Council in many events throughout the year.

Student Council Officers:

President–Mason S

Vice-President–Alex Holbrook

Secretary–Andrew N

Religious Affairs Officer–Cassidy S

Publicity Officer–Emmerson H

Safety & Ecology Officer–Erin S

Treasurer–Brandon B

Spirit & Athletics Officer–Taylor A

Student Council Class Representatives:

5th Grade:

Carlie L, Ashlynn W

6th Grade:

Morgan E, Hayley A

7th Grade:

Joseph T, Erica H

8th Grade:

Corey K, Sophia L

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